ETN Friends HappyOur


Congratulations on the new job…

Fomo manager … for the crypto industry

Lol… enjoy…

Its gonna be quiet. Whos next inline for fomo post in here…


Crypto is way more important than job, 4 hours sleep is all you need


Go in peace fomo king @Tanwax
Step in when u can! Good luck!
(Rsk got a point, but pharao calls)


Congrats! Keep in touch @Tanwax :blush:


Hey Im out and about for a bit.
I’ll be in and out for a while.
Transfer registration on the Beast.
Go look up an old employer.
Bits and pieces.
See you soon


I am a test engineer for the last 25 years


I will get paid very well so I will have more money for crypto, The truth be told I have FOMO so bad that I am willing to do anything for more ETN and sad to say this includes work.


Bless ya tanwax . You will be rewarded by the crypto gods …


Hello, here @TheRanter


Post your wallet id @TheRanter and i might do you a donation for spreading. :blush:


It’s in the video description link.
But am I missing something here.
My nephew likes Minecraft, he’s nine.
Wanted to make an account for him but.
Terms of service state over 18 years only.
But now the etn iOS app says its for 4+ years.


@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 Just open one to the expected level of KYC for them :sunglasses::+1:

I have it wrong it appears I’m wrong! Sorry :neutral_face:


etnjvejPJmJ7GCend5CNLq3mVeQjoaZjh7BfpTKjhb7yBBDZytPjqxY8PUbwA2h3SKGd77jDhTim7RFtxiYL9fBv1nVrKceFXr Thank you!


@3babf70bcfdf24cd84b7 wow is that really true? That would be so exciting if it is! Have you read it in Terms & Conditions as well? I might do a quick scan :nerd_face:


Sadly it’s still 18+


If you hsve an extra name and tele number…


I’m just wondering who the kind soul is that donated 800 ETN to my account?


I can’t tell a lie it wasn’t me… Haha :joy:


That’s lovely to hear you’re getting donations! Brilliant :star2::star2::star2:


Wasn’t me before but have some on the house again!