ETN Friends HappyOur


Hard start on the spring, not too much trim yet😂


Oh my!! Wow, look at those views! Will you host at least one ETN party? :pray::pray::pray:


Of course!
If moon, i host some shait!


Brilliant evenings, to not think fomo


Snoharley…you got more toys and a nicer yard than Gi- Joe!!


Its not mine tough, its the skiclubs, but i can use it whenever.:blush:. Me and the middle kid took a ride. That, is real fun!


So if you host a good party when moon , can we all play please uncle jonne it looks like so much fun.

When we moon holidays are going to be great fun , where you all live is amazing . My children won’t know what’s hit them !!!


You ever ride a jet ski jonne ?
Theyre good fun.
Many of the islands in Queensland you can just hire them.
Some places like “Magnetic Island” do tours.
There’s is three hours right around the Island.
Ive done it twice
I highly recommend it.



Yes, thats awesome! Do it in the mediterrean on holiday. But cant post pic, its nakedness of me, laying on a jet, and shiny tan oil., i must know you better first…
(We can here too, but with wetsuit, the waters here aint relaxing warm😂)


Weeheehee @JonneHex Im hearing ya!!


Please do a pic of warm waters just to salt my frozen :smile:


Here you go Jonne- my secret hiding place in Melbourne. It’s always quiet. I love it so much!


Watch out for the sea lions.


Ooh. That would heal me now. Lovely.
Watch out for sea Vikings


There’s no sea Vikings around here! They’ll never find my hideaway :joy:


If they turn up those sea squirrels(fairy penguins) would sort em out.!


You move like a squirrl on speed on the forum now… :smile:


I get around okay for an ol Squirrel.


Tanwax is back to work tomorrow I start the new job. I may need to redirect my attention to the new job. I will be dropping in as I am able. It has been a fun 3.5 months on here every day.


Well good luck to you and I hope it’s what you want to do… incidentally, what is your new job?