ETN Friends HappyOur


Hopefully fake! But funny anyway. :slight_smile:


Stay safe tan fomoyoga can be dangerous! :slight_smile:


No fake. :blush:, a nice evening in the ski slope.
While i enjoy not having cloud


That looks scary Jonne!! :cold_sweat:


This is the local place in daylight, a nice little one, goid for kids. Couple km slopes.
Just 10min from home


Looks amazing :heart_eyes:
You have to be rich here to enjoy skiing getaways in winter; it costs a fortune!


To bad,:roll_eyes:, its fun. Kids got seasoncard, 170£, and its go everyday if you want.


Sounds like a lovely lifestyle :star2:


Must be some advantage with freezing up here!:smile:
Its best in march, when the sun starts to warm. Good days can u can sit in the snow in the sun, and sweat and ski.


Looks beautiful and sounds amazing! We’ll all have to come visit you :nerd_face:


Like this. Grill and snow


Do you have to sweep the snow off the deck in the mornings?


I use the snowthrower on the porch during winter, so the sun tears down the ice quick. Usually it can turn from cold to hot in just few days, like here. April. From ÷ to 18+ in a day. We are fast out with the grill when we get the chance😄.
Its ok, just put the Beer into the snow on the side or bucket


You liked hiking cosmic?


For sure, under safe circumstances. I’m not sure how safe I would be in the snow; I’m clueless there :nerd_face:


We got summer too :joy:


Coast, and mountain. Yup, took the peak on that top. Hard hike


Looks divine :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Would have been hard work getting to the top of that!


No :smile::sweat_smile: it was 25c even at the top


Hehehe, you look exhausted! I like the view from the reflection in your Sunny’s :sunglasses: