ETN Friends HappyOur


I have a Dalwhinnie 25 ready for a special occasion…maybe ETN :rocket::rocket::rocket::crescent_moon::crescent_moon::crescent_moon:


If you could see my face right now it’s mouth wide open gasping in excitement…

25yr old dalwhinnie… omg…

If we moon I want this beast


50 year old…


Now that 50 would be lovely.

My Glenfiddich 40 is kept under lock n key.


Holy mother of all things beautiful…

Is that …



I’m gobsmacked…



Mountain moonshine
Apple Pie


I’ve seen that on a documentary , is it as nice as they say it is ??


Looking forward to lock my lips around that tip…


Party at your house??


Whatever I have to, I’m more of a blagger, been playing for about 20 years, good job the others in the band are top notch, I just hide by the drummer. Easy.


Hahaha that’s a good plan lol.

I’m not that good tbh , more rythmn than anything else. I’m trying though lol


Have you tried the roadie tuner ??

They do a bass version.
I love it


My toys @wTz1

Tanglewood exotic , gretsch streamliner and Taylor gsmini . I take the mini on holidays


Think that party might rock.
I played drums back in the days :sunglasses:


So all.we need is a keyboard , and another guitar and a singer lol , I can do backround harmonies etc but not front … nope lol


Sounds like a plan!..a plan doomed to fail in embarrassement but we will have many pyrotechnics to distract the onlookers!


Nono, i have played Gig at school, hehe. Blowing hair setlist.
A little rust off practice, and im back in :sunglasses:


Hahaha definitely doomed to fail hahaha but we would be having that much booze I don’t think any one would notice hahaha


With booze u become god.
Its like when im drunk, i speak danish dialect fluent, yet dont understand shait when sober


Hahahaha , booze gives power