ETN Friends HappyOur


@JonneHex Please post Viking Drinking song


Viking drink song? :smile:


Drinking song from holiday group


Is here somebody IOS beta tester?


nope, only Royals, Youtubers and Celebrities for now, but I guess we are up next


Yeah I think @Cosmicrypto is


Msystem I believe is a beta tester


@Jernej Patiently waiting for the golden email :nerd_face::purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart:


You will give us the inside story then. Also we will need a picture of you holding it.


I have tested alot. But no apple. :joy:


so am I :grinning:. Keep refreshing test flight? :joy::joy:

So what now beta for one week and then more people will be added?


Some in here I think… :slight_smile:

IOS iPhone beta testers. / iPhone user, waiting room




@Jernej That’s my understanding. Ells said one week for 100 of the original iOS beta testers, then the rest of the beta testers, then official iOS launch. We don’t have long to go! :smiley::zap::zap::zap:


@Cosmicrypto Looks like they are on target for first week in February then for normal users!


Yeah, certainly not part of that first 100. lol :slight_smile:


Unfortunately I’m not part of the first 100 either, chomping at the bit for the notification to come through testflight though…


Have you received your golden email yet @Cosmicrypto?




I am concerned about you all here, on your mobile necks. So i suggest this very important health trick,. Very important you follow video instructions very soon.:arrow_down:


@JonneHex How did the poker tourney go