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Hi you can post something regarding economy and money in:


That one is a good one


When is the people who sold on 170-90, thinking, shait, its not going to come back down, re enter?


No we are going back up :chipmunk:


It is ok I bought the ETN for 170-90 so we still have them :wink:


It is a gamble you can win or loose.


Only buy. In the dips. Coins that never reenter the stage :sunglasses:


I was buying on dips from 1000 sats :disappointed_relieved:.
But in the last dip i manage to average my cost substantially.

But like I said, I saw potential at 6 cents why not now??

I could received allot more ETN for my money this is only regret.


They started up into the top and coming fall you know.


Looks like my btc up bet can be good, alot green now. Woop. :sunglasses:


We’re rising slowly up 2 sats … love it …


It had to be a retrace to taje new ground😊



I love it! So much real world practical truth.


Watching The Bucket List. Yeah it’s an old one, but I’ve never seen it before. I’m loving it so far. Brilliant!


Thats a nice one!
Good players


Seen it before you will enjoy it Now!


It made my eyes leak.


I haven’t seen it. Avoided it because I can imagine how it ends :cry::sob::pensive:


Its a must. Its feelgood in a way anyway😊