ETN Friends HappyOur


Yeah, you also got the problem with some humans :thinking:
Its more guns than people here too. But almost never a gun death.


Same here…
We beat each other to death!
Do you have National service? (Military?)


Yes. I have been in the AirForce. We also have duty for women now.
My brother worked several years as Lieutenant, before going into Servers/computer


Crypto markets:

2013: Uptrend
2014: Downtrend



Th ETN team has the private keys of all the wallets of the mobile app,right?
Where do they store all the keys?(just curious to know)


Do believe i read something about that🤔
Off to shuffle snow again, :sweat:


Btc went up $100.Potential to test $4000 very soon.


Etn is pumping!!
1 cent here we come.


Its still early, good signs for next week!


France is ready to get involved in the blockchain.

Yellow vests seen holding ’ BUY BITCOIN’ slogan s.


One thing that shows blockchain is going mainstream.


Bitcoin will probably be a mutch more spread word on the next upward trend, the new people see its only a cycle and not dead,. still only 0.05% of world into btc.


‘Bitcoin’ is the most googled word.
‘What is Bitcoin’ is one of the most googled phrases.


You guys are doing one hell of a job marketing ETN.
Awesome work.
Keep spreading the word!!


All is doing good, big or small. :blush: every little pull is counting.



Latecomers with big fiat😉


It’s never too late to get involved with cryptos


Plus old schoolers ready to pour their crypto into ETN :wink:


Yeepiekia this is all good and when Moon we will party eehaw.