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Nah, cant see any. But its a problem that phones/ or android cuts, or shut the miner.
It wont be any update before the new cloud gets out


Btc markets acting like crazy.Possibility to break $4000?


Potential Crypto boom in February.Patience always pays off.


Many expected a boom in 2018. But went reverse.Maybe they got the month right , but year wrong.Shoulda been 2019 probably.Everywhere people say the crypto market is going bearish .But it is always getting bullish in the end.


When everybody is bull, and talks euforic, sell time.
When all is tears and bears, and says it will fall more.


Cryptos say one thing:



Miner back up and running, new SSD instead of old crappy hard drive. Not far off some ‘free’ ETH and a few more ETN! It’s been killing me having the PC sat in my lair doing nothing. I’m looking ,forward to some information from MWC. I couldn’t give a flying Castlemaine XXXX about the price of BTC. Yes it’s a reference point but not all ALTs have dropped inline with it in the last few weeks.


BTC won’t matter soon in my opinion it will be just a coin as ours


Did you know that Betty boo is doing the doo!!


How to secure your BTC??

Answer is Build a bunker inside a mountain.


Its one here too, due to climate and stable politics. And on our arctic island svalbard if im not wrong. Svalbard also has the worlds doomsday bunker of world seeds and important tech to restart human civilization.


I watched a documentary on that they have a bank of all the plants on the planet don’t they to rebuild.


Yep, its an Ark. Also with storage of documents, history, tech drawings, scetches etc,.
If you think of it, its possible done before. As the legend of the Ark. Of course humans then didnt understand how you fit things inside something, not actual animals, plants😄. But Dna, seeds.
But that implies that somebody helped us. Yet, the story makes sense when we now understand tech. And it is also the logical answer, scientific speaking


A few years ago a fiend of me invited me to Svalbard, he got a cabin up there!!

So after we landed at the airport and a cab to the snowmobile rental of we went. We arrived the cabin in a light snowstorm so i could not se more then hes backlight. We fired up the oven and got some heat and cooked a nice beef. Then i needed to pee so i went outside and could not see anything because of the storm. So when i went inn i asked where he put the gunns??? that stupid F… have forgotten them!! And guns are mandatory at Svalbard because we are at the polar bears menu, And i could smell the diner from the outside in a snow storm, and the polar bear are known to go in to cabins to steel food. That night i did drink so much vodka that i would not feel it if if i got eaten.


Yes, i know. It legal to take your Rifle with you at the Pub. Its actually almost a rule to have it. You walk armed in the evening where you go.
And there is no crime with humans.




Woop! Nice. My happyour needed a post not to fade, due to the backroom :smile:


I sent you the article.twitter inbox.


It takes me 3.5-7 days to mine 10 ETN with my phone


In the USA everybody has many guns for most of us that is.