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The bulls are coming and they’re Russian!!


Almost never heard of here, worlds coming closer. Demand in Monero. Bad Privacy…



Crypto has had an impact on the world mostly in the good side but this shows that crypto has a dark side as well owing to anonimity.
The dark web , terrorists but we have to realize that even the internet first started as a hub for crimes.After 2 decades , everyone’s using the internet, in the case of crypto the good side showed up in less than a decade.


If possible there will always be crime


And still way more crime was done with fiat then with crypto. :slight_smile: And nobody is upset :chipmunk::chipmunk:


Doyou know that the Australian Taxation office has access to all numbered swiss bank accounts?
Cant hide anthing,


Of course. I just thought the demand was a bit, ‘fun’. And that ransom crime in norway is like tourists on mars…


Did you heard about this?

They are bad hackers if they demand BTC.

As I heard there is no vital documents anyway.


Lol, yes. Secret nasa papers of the bases on moon, mars, and Aliens working with with governments, that not even presidents know of. Hehe.
Im not saying it was aliens… could be.


Alien bitcoin squirrel bone whales



Hoping to see an ETN treasure hunt in the future.

Here’s the btc address of the treasure hunt


I have thought of that. Hide some future Etn’s, maybe some geo treasure or something.


Bury paper wallets on your back yard in metal case and forget about it. When you will found it it will be real treasure. :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


@Jernej You could laminate them!


Woop! Marketing day again @MSystem @Jeff_Knight
Your video comes to use😊


I am sure you all have seen this but here it goes


Lol and lol. To mutch paintremover drinking fir my taste. :joy:


My miner has only mined like 0.03 ETN since 3 days.Anyone else having issues?