ETN Friends HappyOur


Yep and prosecuted for affray/assault. Stupid really, it’s cheaper to let them off, although the cops were so relaxed I bet they would have unleashed the inner Viking if he had pushed too far.


Whoop whooooop :oncoming_police_car:
Hand over all your drugs, hookers & alcohol…

It’s time to party!!


@Metaforia the Police are about to party!!


I’m going for 50 likes today, haven’t done that in a while.:grin:


Whoot did i miss? :sunglasses:, been birthday feeding.
Limousin bull steak, beer. Cake. Not Sopp cake.


Just about to post your name asking where you were? Have you had a magnificent day old man?


Yeah have a great one you will find it’s 40 plus one next year you thirty miner!


Yes, i now i have begun running the 40th kilometer. Damn you.
Nice Gratulerer btw,


Google Translate I’m afraid, it seemed worth the few seconds it took!


It both begins with Gratul :smile:


Happy birthday Jon ,Hope you have had a fantastic day…


Tnx, :sunglasses:, been awesome, though its just a number…


Happy happy my friend. May you have many of just numbers to celebrate. Have a good one :beers:


How many do you need now?
Thats about 15 I think ?


I will be needing some :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:
Behodl well!


ETN traveler from time traveling


So, buy more sheep Etn.?


Don’t mind the Bitcoin bubble thing but this video is just hilarious.


lol :joy:


crypto ride