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How much can you mine through cloud mining when compared to solo mining on mobile??


I think the cloud mining will allow ETN to be payed out at the max hash rate. I believe this is so the folks in our target markets with older phones get the same amount of ETN as folks with modern phones do.


Its January 3rd.A day to remember.
10 years ago, today the CRYPTOVELUTION began.

Viv la revultione!!!


Stick that one up in the dump club too bud…good one!!


Yeah I made a shat load of fiat this week last year.


How much etn could a miner mine if the etn could be mined? :wink::joy:

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


Nice.I just bought another big bag of Stratis with my fiat.
When it goes 5x Im going to flip it for ETN.


Absolutely chuck all!!


That was good!
If im good maybe i get my original back.:blush:
I have been good as new, so.
I havent hided very well either, i think it took a while to do the math, but i think some mods knew deep in😉


I say nighty with this traditional 3weeks drinking college graduate film of our traditional Russ celebrate. Woop.


Village on sale in New Zealand, could this be a ETN town? Electronia.:smile:
@M-Kid buyit, and i will come to help.


Hahaha :joy: brilliant!


Just got in from the Trampoline park, turns out I love it possibly more than the kids. They don’t accept ETN though. :smile::smile::smile:


@wTz1 You love it more than the kids do or more than the kids. Lol :joy:


It wasn’t that hell hole by Imagination was it!!


Nah it’s The No Limitz place. It’s run really well. Imagination is horrible.


Oh no! I’ve given away exactly where I’ve been, Jonne will be round all drunk and shouting about Horse appendages and kicking Policemen! I’m off to hide…:herb::eyes::herb::


Lol :joy: I saw a video of him doing that in a park on TV :tv: the cops were good to him too!


Imagine that over here. It was great to see them diffuse the matter by being lighthearted about it. Over here the pepper spray and batons would have been out…and the camera off!


Yep Their police are very nice indeed