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@wTz1 not me I will keep your hangouts hangovers going and so will you im certian!


I’m one of life’s doers mate time to fix up! :crazy_face: Plus I’m off to make some more money for charity in the summer on my bike. I may be asking kindhearted forum people to chip in too. Look out.


Its always good to have a balance.
With my occupation 3 months on and three months off I just found myself getting lost in the forest in my time off.
Im no advocate for anything really.
It simply didnt agree with me.


I’m actually (this is way off topic,) really proud of this year’s cycling challenge. I’m setting up a 100 mile ride which isn’t too much of a big deal compared to other things I’ve done but here’s the kicker: an associate of mine has incurable brain cancer, he’s had as much removed as they can and they now try to control the rest with chemo for as long as it is possible for him to live. Doctors have said it won’t be possible for him to ride a bike again. We’re going to do it somehow…dressed as superheroes for a brain cancer charity. He’s also rather overweight due to all the steroids etc. This is going to be fun and probably rather dangerous for the guy. That’s strength in the face of adversity. Just thought I’d share. We all have our brushes with the mighty C one way or another. I wonder if I can get them to accept ETN…:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Thats really cool.
Bikes were a real passion for me in my younger day.
You wouldnt ride a bike where I am now.
Gold Coast drivers are renowned as daredevils and stuntmen.
I remember I used to ride 100mile stints.
In this heat and this terrain you’re pushing the pain barrier pretty hard.


I’d imagine carrying enough water would be the biggest problem where you are. Terrain isn’t much of a problem if you’re prepared and have bombproof tyres. I rode from Edinburgh right down the east coast of the UK and back into just below the centre of the country. I had to ride a fully loaded bike with a flat along an old train track through some woodland for ten miles on the one day (in the dark,) that was awful and a proper test. Still, I made it and that’s what counts. Cost me some new wheels when I sent old trusty off for a service though! I love the freedom. That’s not something that most people can easily say.


I used to ride a fully blown bike set up for criterion.
It was a tight hard ride.
I was about fourteen then.
Still going to school.
I put a years wages into that bike.
Yeah it was s real passion.
Four years later I went pirating!


When Etn hits 1$ , let’s have a party on a cruise ship somewhere in the Carribean.


Na we decided to buy one I think!


Did you ever see the topic that cosmicrypto put together?


You guys will need to pick me up in the mountains and we will drive M-Kid type RVs down to the cruse ship after big party here,


Weeeeee sounds like the Magic Bus trip


Exactly what I am talking about.


@Pahini no what is it?


Time for ETN after Party as it is closing time


Sent link …ooooh ooooh the magic bus!


We can have one each!!! @Pahini


Magic needs NEWS!!!


2019 is here.
Godspeed Electroneum,Godspeed!!!


Happy New Year community :rocket::fireworks: