ETN Friends HappyOur


Beat him on the play !!! :sunglasses::+1:



I live on a hillside as well.


His Com to @JonneHex must be out of range!


I reckon my horse will ride into the sunset, with your gold on the saddle!
(Watching a program, from a pub in north aussie, hehe, raugh guys)


What town?


Not shure, its called infinity hotels,
Im not the remote c owner.
But they are all from aussie, different places


Dont know but Infinity Hotel…


Are you guys playing cards with out Tanwax I want in man please give me the details.


Its the 2other wolfs, im not shure how many they are😊


(Program is at Byron and south golden beach now) :upside_down_face:niice


etat1 Owen!! Squeeze


South golden…my kids were brought up there.
I lived there for quite a few years.


Won at the poker but have a hangover couldn’t even speak!! Lol :joy:


Poor Jonne ‘sock in mouth’ .


Hows the hangover…?


@Pahini drunk away!! Lol :joy:


I’m redressing my alcohol intake after tonight. Enough is enough for a while. I’m on the Peronis now as simply nothing else has shifted it. Probably not the best idea but it’s the one I’m going with.


Almost 14 years ago I had to do the same thing at some point a guy just has to say I have drank my share it is someone else’s turn now to carry the hangover torch.


Yep.I love to feel these guys pain.
Ten years comes up for me on the 4th Jan.
I feel better for it.
When I was their age I didnt care much about the future.
I was on the big bus…


You are both very right. I’ll go out cycling instead of drinking I think.