ETN Friends HappyOur


@JonneHex like these ones!?


Yup, thats more like it. Never go to a poker table with non plastic cards. You will be cheated😉


I have 2 poker sets love Texas Holdem.


That is the way I would have done it!
I may go play Craps at the casino tomorrow.



January 3rd , 2019 is genesis block day.
But in 2019 , it is gonna be celebrated as ‘Proof of keys’ day.

So time to remove all your crypto assets from exchanges in order to prove solvency.
This is a fight over your monetary sovereignty


Whats up with that?
Sounds sqrrl?


It is so the exchanges that is doing fraud is exposed, many believes there is many exchanges that can be in trouble and many can lose their coins if they have coins on a exchange January the 3. Personally i will be out before the year change so be careful


More ETN i guess? :blush::blush:


Kucoin? Uses Kyc,
Any specials?



Hello from Bohinj, Slovenia. Now relaxing till new year :wink:


Nice, u got more daylight, look forward to that, sun is barerly up. Its dark now again. 15.30. Its hard on the energy. And it came rain so snow turned into packed ice. Before i threw grawel in the yard you could use skates to go shopping😄.


Nice, i will buy a set, when i got some cash again😄


Time to read that massive message you sent me Jonne. I think Magic is getting all geared up to smash me at cards.


Ill send more basic😊


You need a lift bro?


Burn off beer calories, walking. 54 mins according to Gmaps.



I’m getting a bacon :bacon: cheese :cheese: burger meal to put them on! Lol :joy:


If @wTz1 listen to my last message now, he might make you all hack meat… :joy:


I know who you got a side bet on!!!