ETN Friends HappyOur


Smart thinking @JonneHex…and a crash helmet all the beams are low. Just having a drink break it’s hot. That ETH story was interesting. What happened to the guy in the end?


Following on from the ETH thing that guy just ‘accidentally’ FUBARed people’s access to their funds and walked away? That’s mad, surely he has been prosecuted or has he just become a ghost??


I’m having a poker night tonight, someone is going to get their first crypto currency like it or not.


If i got time i’ll send u some newbie rules😋


That would be great, I have another night planned with Magic on Saturday. Not planning on winning tonight either way just need to try and get my head round it and give away some ETN.


@wTz1 CHILL has invited 2 crypto newbies too so more to the gang, will have to lose some rounds!! :sunglasses::+1:


Just bought a cheapy poker set. We need to sort a strategy. PM off topic.


Not that there is a topic to go off of here! :crazy_face:


Found this out and my Bitcoin one is on its way!!



These are the ones…


Does anyone know if they do an ETN set of poker chips!? I would buy them!


Probably ‘soon’! 20 Aces up my sleeve.


@wTz1 lol :joy: “Soon” I want them now!! :sunglasses::v:


@wTz1 you have to wear a T-Shirt now! Lol :joy:


There is a thread with that, crypto poker stuff😊
Btw, only use plastic cards.
We bought 200 decks last time. Pro. Plastic.
Change decks often.


Btw, did a medio online tourny when i was sick. Woop.


@JonneHex found some here!


@JonneHex well done bro good win!!


We are all friends and would not mark cards but plastic decks never heard of them!! Can you link me to poker thread?



Casino use only full plastic. Bendable without getting scratches. And you shuffle alot faster. Those cards in chip sets it just throw. Good for only kids