ETN Friends HappyOur


Merry Christmas to you too my brother it is 12:38 AM in the morning here.


Thank you😊!
Merry Xmas to you guyz. 11.50 xmasday morning. Im in cozy position, adding to my Kilo holdings, watching @Emmanuel actually.


When u adding to your killos don’t forget about me ooo, anyway thanks for watching and have a beautiful day day with loves and smile


Tnx!:blush:, if i could, i would send you grandma’s rice chocolat balls. :yum:.
Take care, isnt it strange, the way we sit all around, talking like this. The world gets smaller.:heart:


Oooh that be good grandma chocolate ball :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Actually I’m taking coca cola and spaghetti


Good Morning 9:41 AM PST USA I woke up this morning and made some jelly filled cookies from an ancient family recipe. Yummy Breakfast wish I could share with all. Time to get the ham ready to cook Merry Christmas.


Not yet stuffed?:grin::yum::yum::yum:
Sounds good


Hell on earth.


Only posted it so you can be thankful whatever you are doing it doesn’t involve hammering around this with your kids!


I’ve accidentally killed it.
Anyone remember this?


On average each of these 4 words cost 75 MILLION $.


That’s a bad day at the office!


If you know what I’m talking about , then you must realize the importance of which wallet you decide to put your crypto in.
The cryptospace is one where mistakes can cost you.One fall and you might find yourself stranded.


Yeah. I’m not much of a worrier. Things happen.


300 million $ worth of ETH locked.

All because some noob was playing around with code he didn’t understand.


Education is first and then investment in the cryptospace.


Playland?:grin::smile: fun.
Enough sound?


It is reminding me of how much I have been eating and drinking, there are many far too small for a Dad bits to go through even caught my wallet in some webbing and pulled my jeans down my a$$! Not a high point! :crazy_face:


@wTz1 That’s because your wallet give you back ache, lol :joy:


You must use thin sportlayer clothes when going there, so you glide well😄