ETN Friends HappyOur


Yeah, I properly over did it last night, when I ran out of beer I got the whiskey out. Not a good idea…oh, I have to go out and drink beer again now. Look out kidneys!


Mohehehe😁, repairing status.


Curry will fixme, curry fixes everything.


Selfie time, if im outta her for tomorrow or a while, i would say merry Xmas to all of you, from 63.446827north, 10.421906 :sunglasses:


Merry Christmas JonneHex and family From from
(Tanwax Lake, Washington State USA)


Merry Christmas to you and your family you look very festive and ready to celebrate ! :grinning::zap:


Yup, troubling getting the smallest to bed😄 he is high!
:star_struck:ill try drop by of course, just a merry xmas to you if its less phone time. I also guess we should use less phone now, and take in the free time with family, friends.


2018 has been a year of great highs and lows(most of the time) but this has been a year of great progress.
We saw the uprising of other altcoins, coins that can change the way we live.Coins that are accessible to everyone in the world.Nations making huge progress in saying ‘yes’ to cryptos.
We saw and are seeing the growth of a crypto giant(ETN).

HERE’S to crypto and every single person on earth who believes in it.


Well, humour is not far in this family, from my unclekid, sceptical🤔
See ya!


Santa has started delivering presents look :eyes:

Hopefully Paper Wallets!!


That’s not Santa, that’s part of a map of all the places I’ve had to go today. Man I feel rough.


You’ve looked better too red isn’t your colour! :joy:


Yes it is we sent him extra as some of the others solicited that we do so due to their economic circumstances.


The cranberry orange drink will cure hangover you should chase it with tomato juice. and eat Watermelon.
Then stop drinking and you will not need to feel this way again.


You either die a hero,or you see yourself long enough to become the villain.

Very much applicable to today’s society.


Great idea. I shall of course ignore your wise advice! :crazy_face:


Aw @JonneHex what a beautiful family pic! Hope you have an amazing Christmas :orange_heart::chipmunk::blue_heart::chipmunk::green_heart::chipmunk:


But of course you will until you are in your 40s - 50s and your doctor tells you you will die in 1 year if you don’t. This is the civilized thing for an old man to do… Have about 15 - 20 beers for me please.


Merry Christmas , everyone !! Wherever you are have a fantastic day…


Merry Christmas @Tanwax.