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Have you put me on ignore Thunder, because I can’t reply to your posts!?


Behold! Jonne is on the wagon!
Ayyy, captain jonne sparrow


Off the wagon you mean! Skol!


Wiking! Woho


I thought you might like this…my battle


:sunglasses::grin:… oh my, i am in for a long sunday :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:
Have i missed something so far? Im back in the sofa now, watering up
Good boy, back before 03.00
That is wiking medal of honor


I dont think so.
Usually pretty quiet from the next twenty four hours on.
Everyone expecting another double bart…maybe?


I SURE HAVE NOT!!! What are you trying to respond to?


Haha :joy: my 11 yr old son says the same thing about Facebook!


See if this works…


I think my phone is glitching


Thunder - was saying it was just one donation but it kept leaving the reply to person bit off? Strange… thanks for clearing that up cause it’s happened a lot and I was thinking people were blocking me!

Peace :v:


Oh no, must be the holidays when you go to bed and the kids are already awake, going to be a long day!


My kids are all 30+ years old so no worries.
Good night Electards from the West Coast of the USA 11:41PM PST 12/22/2018


Still Have to pick up that Mouse!! Might Frame it… lol :sunglasses::+1:


Wiking is not so wiking…:nauseated_face::dizzy_face:
This time, is shure last time i drink more than one… hard to be a nisse man today


Get right back on it!! :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::rofl:


Two ways to get rid of a hangover drink water or get back on it! :beer:



Ouh, the worst is the no mercy, no bed laying. Its up, out, walk, play. Visit, shop, etc etc, :weary::fearful: