ETN Friends HappyOur


Your enjoying i see. Yes, the minerdump is almost everytime around the same period.
Im off to friend soccer, be back in later!:blush:
Etn on the way @Stefo :sunglasses:


Slightly different style,
Definitely on par with Kevin Bl00dy Wilson


Just listened to a few of his jokes … Wouldn’t get away with that now hahahhahaha very funny . I’ll have a good listen later on. Thanks


Oh miner dump makes sense!! :sunglasses::+1:


I’ll take a look at him tonight when the kids are in bed. :sunglasses::+1:


Its R rated…Not for kids.only @JonneHex age kids!


It’s almost happy hour again, look out liver! Good whatever everyone!


The first 45 min in the football match today was happy hour…Glory glory Happy days Solskjær is back


Tried to talk my little Sister into ETN today.
I don’t trust it, there must be a catch.
…What, it’s free money from me that will appreciate.
No I don’t want it.
! Fine, lets talk when I give some to the others and you don’t have any and the price goes up a bit.
Don’t want it.

This is an A grade University student, I expect more. I work in a factory and I get it. Kids these days eh!


Ah, I’m not much of a sports guy B.F.A. I did see on the news but have no idea if he can make the other footballists kick the ball in the goal or not. Anyway, I’m please you’re pleased. Did they win?


1-3 after first half, 3 goals in a away game


3 for Man U I assume?


It was…it becomes 1-5 lol


My Daughter is eggszaccarry same.
She missed out.
I gave Elsewhere…as you well know.
Now she will wait.
Lead by Example…kids!


My sister won’t invest but my mom has invested on my say to all her grandchildren!! :heart:

Smart Mom! :heart:


Oooh…“Smart Mom”
Theres a marketing angle in there somewheres!
Google has the “Smart Home”

“Electroneum- The Smart Moms Choice”


Love it :heart_eyes: I told her you know you worry about the grandchildren and their futures, well if you were to give them there pocket money now in ETN in the future they might be able to buy a house with it! (Housing problem here) and if not they will just get their pocket money like an ISA at about the same rate if the company doesn’t go really big!

Listened and bought ETN next day!


The young in my family have been collecting Crypto for a long time.


Is this a different donation from what I already sent?


Same I think my friend!