ETN Friends HappyOur


It will hit that this next few days I think and as soon as Christmas is done then people now how much spare cash they have! And it’s crypto time!! :sunglasses::+1:


I think thats a fair figure.
I dont like this period for any kind of stability.
Nor outrageous growth in three days.
Good luck!


China :cn: hit us again last night!


The Chinese dont work on Saturdays.


Oh I don’t know what happened then but the trends don’t make sense to me people take it during my nighttime all the time, could be bots then.


Might be the Anti-Santa!


Could be those pesky elves!!


Or Elmer Fud…,…:chipmunk::chipmunk:


errrhhh da raskly rabbit might be to blame

I’ll get that Rabbit!


You’re welcome bro more to come sure


I saw you split your video up I’ll post the second half into sectorpc bit @Maritz @Emmanuel


Heres one for you!
Google Kevin bl00dy wilson
-Hey santa claus…


Theres him and King Billy Cokebottle.


I posted the second half


I just watched it and posted it in @Maritz thread for him the payment for electroneum looks good, just as easy as a normal check out if not easier!


I believe it is even easier than the other traditional methods



Hi folks , how is everyone doing ?!?

I grew up listening to KBW , my favourites have to be santa , Mick the master , first dates and the phone one … the guys a genius…
Never heard of king Billy coke bottle …

I’ll have a listen

@JonneHex many thanks … That’s very kind… :blush: :beers:


King Billy Cokebottle is the bomb.


Better than Kevin ? Nah can’t be true …

Not possible hahhaha