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Viking love!


A wee dram of rocket fuel to try and shift a head cold. :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::rocket::rocket::rocket::crescent_moon::crescent_moon::crescent_moon:


Hehehe, fun.:smile:
Mmmm, thats good fuel! Yes!


Oh, behold, of course our friend Glen is here too somewhere


I’ll take this Glen to the ETN party :wink: :tada::desert_island:


Aah, mmm​:yum:. Your raising me. Ok, ill see you with Glenfarclas 40 then. :kissing_heart:
Big pot party


I have a hangover from last night still…this is not good as I’ve also been to the German market in the city. I may have to drink it away although not with 40 year old Scotch!


Haha, when u know the hangover will come, there is only one solution, if you cannot lay dead a whole day. That is one easy drinkable beer like Corona, down fast followed with 2-3 shots of Jägermeister straight from the freezer. Then your back on track.


That’s why I like you Jonne, a very sensible suggestion although I have Ale and my Jägermeister is not in the freezer…yet!


One of the benefits of being out all day is that I haven’t checked anything, I’ve only just seen how much we’re up which is great for a Sunday, I wonder if we will see the usual Monday dip?


Great with lime juice for a head cold.
I used to swear by Captian Morgan and lime juice for colds and flu.
This in no way constitutes medical advice.!!
Enjoy responsibly!


I havent either but I snuck a peak at the T/A society.
All is looking well!


:smile:nice tips. It all works, its just to get it down.
Outta :heart::heart:


Brandy for colds and flu. It doesn’t work by the way but when you are drunk you forget you’re ill. In no way should you take my advice, *please drink responsibly.


This is the closest I have to Captain Morgan’s, I’ll just pop out to the garden for some lime.

Thanks Pahini :+1:. Update to follow


Seen this?


On the boats we used to break out this white rum from the
Nuns convent in Indonesia.
Special Occasions only. REKT
Singe the hairs in your nostrils.
Youd see colours it was that potent.
Must have been 180 proof…
No legislation…strictly black market stuff.
All for a good cause mind you!


I worked in Azerbaijan for few years and Russian colleagues used to bring their home made vodkas, now that stuff sure was rocket fuel.


Oh, lord, yes, the russians drink for everything. Guess who they share genes with…:smile:
Russ, or rus, means, rower, or those who came rowing.


Normality has resumed. Ahhhh.