ETN Friends HappyOur


Sorru for not posting. Been busy testinh out c.mas beer, wooop! Yes im lightly fogged, as we say, hehe, damn good stuff​:sunglasses::blush:
Viking on the wagon…


On with Bear!


No snow here bro just 20 degrees F BURRR wood stove burning for 6 days now.


Meh, Coinbase won’t accept my debit card anymore. Having to verify my actual bank account now which takes up to three painful days waiting. Bummer.


Yeah and then they will try to Fuc# with you about CCards and double charge and on and on… @wTz1


I would sincerely hope not. I’ve had no problems in the past with my cards, must be my bank tightening up in the current market. I’ll just wait for verification I doubt things will improve in crypto over the weekend.


Visa will try to tell you they don’t support coinbase but they can’t do it as it is against the law. If they try this stay on them and push it through again.


:smile:i will send you some snow in a box.
Have coinbase increased Visa draw limit?
I got 10.000euro limit.


I have $120,000 USD limit but only use about $9,000-$10,000


Well, did a 500€, that 3000€ i thought about gave a stunning fee​:flushed::flushed:


They screw crypto users


Will do a transfer, but thats 2days


I am going to shoot Craps at casino today


Shoot beef😋


How many etns would it cost


I am asking 1,200,000.00 ETN


Well that’s good I’m praying for good okay since u selling it will positively affects me


Morning all!
Cute looking kids @JonneHex
The opposite extremes of weather on this planet and indeed just within this country have always amazed me.
Super tropical here.
We have had 40 celcius in parts of the country!
I had the air conditioner cranked up in the truck most of the day.


No more free ETN you must Earn it using YouTube now I am working with others now in South and Central America. You and I are friends for life.


I’ll take mine with extra lettuce, hold the steak! I did cook steak with chilli,lime, rum and honey for the lovely one this week, that went down pretty well.