ETN Friends HappyOur


Until 5 years ago I was surrounded by women all the time. I had my children in my 20’s there is a reason young people have kids as when you get older you don’t have the energy.


Oh yeh, 24 with the first, 38 now with the 4yo, its not the same galopping horse😄


Now I give the grand kids candy buy them minibikes and go karts and let their mothers worry about it. Also my grandson is driving his tractor and papas car at 5.


38 ? don’t you know what causes this. I got sniped after my last one. I also have the same Wife all these years


Perfect. :sunglasses:, thats the job, spoil and do dangerous


This halloween, sister made brother Walking dead :smile:


My Favorite show if apocalypse happens crypto will die.


Behold! Morning.
Thats my woman :coffee:


It is 16 degrees F out this morning.


:joy:here, snow is the mild air. Sun means dead cold, due to clear sky…


I always thought sun means warm :DDD


Noooot here, in winter😁. If snowing at ÷1, and sky clears up, it can fall to ÷10 or 20 in hours.


Oh boy, I sometimes wish we could have this much snow here :slight_smile:

but not too often :slight_smile:


We dont have this much of snow, but we do have strong winds up to 200km/h :))




So, see some interest of mining setup. Draw some coins outta the dumpers.
Its possible to setup a member mining club.
@B.F.A lives close enough to actually visit and confirm such plan. Also, it would be needed to setup a facebook page with our real profiles. With a friend miner and our location we could do a bitmain order. Also we have possible locations if capacity is an issue.
X3 miners will be owned, and named of course, and the mining can be either adressed directly or split in a pot, miners can produce different.
Last option is easyer thinking of drawing out exspenses,.
Its possible, if interest.
Now is a good time if taking a shot at mining. Ok difficulty, low price but profitable. If Etn rises, it will be a fast ROI, and difficulty will not rise too fast, because it takes time to setup. Price on miner will also rise.


how high is investment?


Many X3s as u want…
You own the X3, we only do the hosting then


Just a thought since youre starting a setup from scratch,
(Bear in mind I only understand the basic prinnciples of mining)
Would it be more profitable to mine say Elastos (ELA) and sell it for ETN?
Its currently merge mining wth bitcoin(Bitmain)
Public mining starts this month I believe.


I read on here that some one got an Ant miner in Washington state for $50 I live in WA state and I have facility to set up a few miners if we find out how to get these I can drive and pick them up. I only have DSL internet will this work for mining? Currently it is 20 F out side so I will not need cooling 6 month out of the year.