ETN Friends HappyOur


Nice, we made a santa pinetroll😊


Yes I saw that I have never seen one before so I put what I make up here for you guys to see.


Nice personal gifts😊


darn, you are really good at this. Not trying to be offensive, but can I assume your gender?


@RSKNOR I am a 57 year old man Tanwax is the name of the lake near my house it is a native American name. Also Thank you for the good words on the Wreaths. I cut the boughs and my daughter decorated them a joint effort we made 8 of them today.


darn, i was wrong there.
I’m an 47 year old man from Norway, my ex-wife used to make beautiful holiday wreaths.
I’m, really impressed :+1:


You got a couple years on me Dinosaur!
I thought I was the oldest kid on the block.!
Nice wreaths too, great gesture.
Im quite fond of gifts from the heart as opposed to bought.
A step back in time to the true meaning of Christmas.


That was really cool your troll.
Whats the story behind them?


The making or the trolltale?:blush:
-its a bit busy this week and next, less time on the forum, its alot going on, school, kindergarden. I have 3kids stretching soon 4, 11 and 14. Its treelighting, kindergarden gathering, santa dinner gathering, gymnastics yearend, sing and drama schoolshow, soccer gathering, and so on, :smile:


Traditional meaning of troll in your country.
Are the ones you make part of some tradition?


We have trolls yes, and tusser, like elves,
But the christmas troll is called a nisse, its more like a dwarf, with the classic santa hat.
Its not connected to the christianity, but the original celebrate witch is the lightfest of course, Jòl. Sun turning. Wich christians stole.:blush:. We dont say christmas, christian messe either, we say Jul, Jòl. And Julenisse. Not saint claus. The nisse lives around the forest, like elves, trolls, and hide on the barn, so some set out a bowl of porridge for the small nisse on the stairs, and its eaten in the night. Probably neighbour cat or fox likely but.:smile:.
Its all become a big pot mix of old mythological, heden and christian traditions.




Kindergarden tree lightup.
The santa came


I’m on the train. Bored. No bar on the train. Going to the German market when I get into the city so I’m certain there will be something good in a glass there!


Olalala, yes, bier ist kein problem there, visited any christmas markets?
Deutches oktberfest sind auf meine ‘liste erstellen’


Great times enjoy them I have 3 daughters 30, 32, and 34
My grand daughter is 12 and grandson is 5. The wee ones grow up fast!


Myohmy,:blush:, you have had your share of hormons then…


You didnt waste any time between my friend,:smile::grin::grin:


Just been in a room watching Cypress Hill with about 2000 people, about a thousand were… I’m going to sleep well!