ETN Friends HappyOur


I must count up. Wooop!
We got 12500 for donation! :heart::heart:


BOOM, I’m coming to Norway to play…how do you play poker? Do you have to get to 21?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Its holdem. You get 2 cards. Allin…


Seems complicated…What about tournament SNAP?


Maybe i do a livefeed?:thinking:


I wouldn’t, just get busy doing what you do, drinking and gambling! Enjoy yourself!


Fantastic! 12500 so far. Will make a little eye contact😊
Well, i will head into pillow. See you tomorrow, at your breakfast or dinner😄


I am an American and this is my game. I have won tournaments. We will play some day. I also play slots, Black Jack and throw Craps.


The boyz, on the left a hangalong. Daniel. Standin for the big boys


Out of power! And goodnight! Pick up the thread!


Nice to have monday finished.
Long day on the road.


I should come over and work with you bro


I have passport and can fly


You wouldnt like my job.
Driving is not my profession.
It just filled the gap after my pirate daysScreenshot_2018-12-03-17-45-09-1


one branch of my family was sent to the us to capture the Louisianan territory by Neapolian so I am a real pirate by inheritance.


Good night from the west coast of the USA time out 11:52 PM PST Sunday night.


Nighty, monday morning here​:sleeping::coffee:


See ya.
Sorry I just walked in the door.
Been travelling the long way home to earn more ETN!


Working. Has to earn some fiat also😊
-mondays though😖


I made holiday Wreaths to give to friends and neighbors today.