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I am too old and broken for that sort of cold weather.
Too many years building Pyramids for Pharoahs!


In the summer, its light all day, but alot of grey days. So we count days with sun here, and above 20, wich is called a summerday.
F.ex, one summer we had 72days of 90 with rain, (jun,july,aug) :smile:
-mention that may was shit to. It was better in sept though.


The temperature in the ocean between Australia and New Guinea reaches 31 degrees in summer.
It kills the coral reef.
It is getting hotter…every year.
That is no longer a scientific debate…
It is a political debate between the world leaders.
I will say no more.


Its strange, we talk all weather here. Its hello, how are you? Its rainy today…
-a week of sun and 25 gets headlines in the news, no shit.


Send your ETN Address I will match 500 ETN.


Cars in the US are considered to be classic after 25 years and antique after 30 years.
I used to participate in car shows and this was what the said.




Merely stated for the purpose of club registration here.
Thats a class of registration that is 75% cheaper than normal registration
Its probably the same here.
Im not sure


All donators have also a share of my winnings, if i win, i have set 25%. Split on amount.


Secret donator put in a good chunk!:blush:


@Pahini, you can also donate some of that summer heat😄


500 ETN sent and on the way bro.


Repat: Christmas Poker Event, we are planning date, etc,
I want to raise a ETN bonus, onto paperwallet this time. Giftcard.
I will market ETN. And post winnerpic here.
Who want to do a donation for the bonus for the Tourny? Its guaranteed downloads of app and interest spread.
So far counting 4000ETN. Inc me.
All donators share a 25% stake in possible winnings if i win some too. Split on amount.
There is a chance all get more back than donated. Alot. If im in the zone😁, no pressure, i hope u donate for the cause


Maaaate I would gladly box it up and give it away if I could!,!


This is the paper wallet address right?


I’m being a bit slow! 500 ETN flying your way. At this rate some lucky poker player is going home with a fat bonus win. Whoever wins remind them that one day a coach load of international folk will arrive and demand a Norwegian Moonshine shot from them!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


1000 ETN on the way :grin::chipmunk::chipmunk:


:zipper_mouth_face:speechless!:heart: Its my adress, the ‘secret one’ donated now, and im not in computer range, so must make that paper first. Better do donate now while etn lay flat pancake, its maybe harder to give out when its shooting up!:smile:. I will certainly do a fight to try win in something also. Date looks like to be 27.dec


Couldn’t care less about you winning, this will create some serious FOMO amongst your poker playing buddies!


I sent mine over your way this morning Bro.