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Hot projects.
My XF needs a lot of work.probably take it off the road soon.
Get a small cheapie to get me to work and start stripping it down.


Sounds like you have a plan my friend


Yeah I got a couple.
Its worth doing as they were the best model.
Last year of the carburetor.
Near classic now (30 years here)
Less and less on the roads these days.
Any australian car over 25 years is increasing rapidly in value.


Wow, you got some time spending there!:blush:


@M-Kid with got a wafflethread here😊


Hes lucky it loks cold a climate like australia you could put your fingers though the panels


I invited him to crash your thread!!


ups i swalov a botle of cherry


Ups, waterwagon.
Well, been out picking up a friend couple from a party. Stickmeat dinner. Its lamb damped over wood. Passed a overkill house😄… its nighty, see ya


Goodnight sir…sleep well.


So, Christmas Poker, we are planning date, etc,
I want to raise a ETN bonus, onto paperwallet this time. Giftcard.
I will market Etn. And post winnerpic here.
Who want to do a donation for the bonus for the Tourny?
I will do 500.


I’ll match that. Twenty Christmas Trees.


PM me your Etn address and I’ll send it over now.


We do it into a paperwallet, will post the adress😊. Try hank in more, this pokerplayers love the sound of bonus
@Tanwax @Jernej @B.F.A?


Lights on!


Looks mighty cold there!
We have a cyclone incoming.
Very hot and humid.
Big rain coming sooooooon!


Yeah, its ok, around zero only.
Though its dark before 16:00, so need light😊
You better cave in then!


Was about 34 celcius here today.
No snow!!
Daylight until 7 pm!
Just woke up…have to start driving sooooooon. !


34​:smile::see_no_evil:… thats couple of times in 20years here…