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Thats one of the best Ive driven.
Ive driven a few…not many.


Looks like the Rs 2000?
Twenty squirrels


A few years back I saw a brand new Escort at the ford dealership that they were making a big fuss over they said it was fast and rare.


No it’s actually a Sierra underneath, 4x4 with a modified Escort bodyshell. These were the cars to have over here before everyone wanted Subaru’s and Mitsubishi’s. Insane performance and in my opinion beautiful. I love old cars.


It looks bigger than any agriculture tractors I have driven. I drove some monster tract vehicles when I was in the Army.


It was probably this one. It was hands down the best, they had to stop making it due to Euro emission rules.


The one I saw was a special order the salesman said it was a great drift car.


The one I drove was different configuration but same basic model.
Ive driven big John Deeres. Mid deck slasher with an outrigger slasher doing grass cutting on Macadamia farms.
Had to get out of that…The chemicals were just ridiculous.


Yeah theyre pretty high upthe ranks at the drags here.
Power to weight… boom.


Me and friends at meeting, 2004, my first ‘finally i can afford some fun’ car. The red nissan. With upgrades, engine, exhaust, etc, it costed me around 48-50.000$ in 2004.
1999 200SX


Yehhh give me a hint if you going in 2019


Im partial to MClarenScreenshot_2018-12-01-22-58-08-1


Wheres that BeeFA?
Fifty Squirrels


It is my town and the artic circle race track


Vatching now…hairs standing on end!,!
Wicked stuff


Yes, been there BFA, but im not now, kids, bla bla, but when the time is right again, i will let the kid in me shine again😎.
Also been at the Rudskogen meet.
Those days… cars. Party…




Sick full on Ratty duude
Thats awesome, very practical too.


Current projects 1946 and 39 Dodge trucks. 1453352_774767479205851_1039779966_n 1549415_825520297463902_1985805763_n