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Women says allo! Ready to roll!
Stay safe folks. Im out to empty the barrels!


Btw, i hate suit, :smile:, but hoodie was not discutable. :smile::clubs::diamonds:


Man in a suit like that theres no way I would play you in poker.


Im only buying nuts for the squirrels this Christmas.
Its traditional in my world.


You should buy my truck buddy


No, not for me.not practical.
I drove a pimped up F-250 for years.
Great for towing but over here with the weight of it leaves you 750kg loading. (Legally)
Ive happily had 2500kg on it…but.
Im happy just to have a simple ute.
Cheap to run diesel and practical.


XF Ford Falcon’92


The truck is great for stump jumping. (American Mountain Lingo)


I drove a Lamborgini for about a year.
Used to paddock bash it…pull stumps with it.
It really went hard off road.


Wow somebody with experience in the woods. There is noting like having your Chainsaw in the back on top of a load of freshly cut load firewood.


That reminds me of what we had over here called a Cortina, I’ll try to find a pic.




Lamborghini Grand Prix-674…70hp


Who doesn’t love a tractor, pure power!


It’s not about the BHP, it’s the torque.


Nice I have had several tractors.


Same power unit as mine 250 cu 6 cylinder.
Theyre as rare as the Escort


Oooh, my all time favourite car (which wasn’t actually an Escort,) the Escort RS Cosworth.


I will call you if I get stuck in the mud for sure this machine would pull a giant dump truck out of mud door deep.