ETN Friends HappyOur


I’ll do that later.
Must run.
My day on the highway doing battle with frantic christmas shoppers awaits me!
I’ll be on the Green Button later in the day with fresh Fiat.
Good day one and all!


Just happened with me on this post :joy:


I bought this car for 1000 :chipmunk:


Magnus Carlsen retains World Chess championship!
Go Norway!
Yeah. I just so happen to play chess.!


Yes, he is unbeatable in speed, that brain works squirrly fast! :smile:


Today I listened to some music from a Norwegian group visiting Australia…Called “Aurora”.
Couple of great metal bands coming out of Norway!


A good portion very hard yes😊


But, if you want to know one of the best mainstream from here, u better try Madrugada. Long list of good albums, also Solo, the singer Sivert Hoyem.
Probably one of the worlds best not worldwide bands/voice


Cool thanks for that.
I’ll check it out later


We all know Seattle don’t produce any big music makers. :grin:


Satellite TV subscriptions are coming, The video is from a satellites point of view.


I like the sound of that.
I’ll have to give my batteries a charge.
Just walked in the door.
Big day at work


Kid free. Resting at hotel with wife. Buffè and drinks soon​:clinking_glasses::champagne:


You got a thing for chopping your head off and advertising your sox!


Its called footing, or socking. :blush::smile:


Better on foot than in mouth.


Are you traweling south or north? You need to give a shout out if you go north and are in Asic mood, are waiting fore a call about som import cars deal that might be, and if it goes good i move money to miners


Im in Trondheim.:blush:, that one X3 for sale went out right for my nose.:expressionless:


OK then Happy Days in Trondheim then shooping …HO …ho ho ho


Santa has a bag full of ETN. I gave my oldest grand son and grand daughter ETN for Christmas. They loved it I will give more.