ETN Friends HappyOur


Well I’m over the moon I have gone over my target holdings as many of us have, I felt proud when I first had 10,000. I hope whatever you guys have you all feel as warm and fuzzy as I do right now. Gotta hold the fiat for Christmas now and just swim in todays sea of green feeling peaceful.


Some serius TA

Moon boys

beer trap


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I must learn how to do this!


I think it is wise not to rewel the amount of coins you got, you making youre self a target for hackers.


Lets see whether I can swing the polls !!
At least you can change your mind on the vote.
Thats always a good thing!


Indeed. They could be very disappointed though! Excuse me please, I wasn’t doing anything more than being happy with my lot.


I know i want to shout out somtimes that i earn freemoney when the price go up :slight_smile: but i just runn in the living room an YEEES!!! and my wife say quiet…is it the eletroneerdrreum thingi agein :slight_smile: frustration frustration, i just wanted to give you a nice advise because 10K is the amount that will change lives in the future, 50K can be millioners 100K a posh millioner


Syntax ERROR and 20 squirrls


Thank you for your guidance. I’ll tell the dogs in future, they are mainly interested in chicken and don’t have actual hands, they are unlikely to hack my little stash!


I started at 10K to when it was a ISO and i forgott about it, no i am only in ETN and way over my target


Shhhhhh hide :herb::herb::eyes::herb::herb:


Laugh and coaf feathers and sqrrrl pelt…
Training boyz. Brake som legs


This one is jumping around in my charts


Youve done it again @B.F.A
Nearly didnt get off the tram to catch a connecting bus.
I had my head down in your charting in T/A Society Topic.
I managed to miss the bus and the tram!!




So sorry can i gift you some…


Wooh, thats some big nuts! I see some nutella there!


You maybe better keep your nuts for yourself.
The Secret Squirrels Thankyou for your generosity!,!


Macadamias and pecans , pistacio my favorites!!
Warm from oven…season and soy sauce!


Never tasted hot nuts with sauce, how do you do it? put up a recipy in the food thread?