ETN Friends HappyOur


That was rapid, LTC is so quick. All bought. Happy now and have extra for Thunders Christmas secret santa thingy. Win!



Did somebody say ‘ecosystem’?


We will reach the moon within this decade! Said a famous person


Womens nag😄


AAHHHH We live in a sea of green today.


Huuuu i got the dog out of the shower after a good wash, glad it is only a few times a year, maybe one or to


When Ecosystem?
Twenty squirrells


When space helmet?
20 damn c



When more :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: ?..?


Bull trap in BTC forming

  • YES!!!
  • NO!!!

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You boys and girls like polls?

  • YES!!
  • NO!!

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Yes, but can I choose yes and no? i really dont know :joy:


Only one for all of us, i forgott maybe lol


Just duplicate the post so he can have two votes.!!


I will go with yes, because this would be too good to be true…


Yeah what he said (20 Char)


I couldnt make up my mind so I just went with what you did!


I hadnt seen it updates itself when you toggle the show/ hide results button!


Pollmania. :smile:
Club de phollo