ETN Friends HappyOur


Lets make ETN great again.
Do we believe in the friday rockn roll.
@B.F.A @Pahini
I think you are people to make a good tune.


6.31 am in Australia.
Day off …again.
Long weekend for me!


Need coffee then my friend.
2ours to midnight and friday.
Its been a sad day, so, good that etn has something going
Whats on your veggie breakfast.


Haha not total vegetarian
Avocado/blue cheese toasties


Cheese is a gift. And eggs, could never do without.
Try a nordic trick for christmas.
Gingerbread with bluecheese. We say pepperkake and blå ost.
Be suprised


Ayee another nord.
Getting quite a few…
Funny we had one leave not so long ago.


Halo to everyone guys


Heya stefo.
Four of us now makes it an Electroneum “four- tune” topic!
Sorry Im out of :heart:


Make that 5 :nerd_face::rocket: :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk:


How pentacular is that


Hi boys and girls :slight_smile:


Yes! We play the song happy hour in my band, anyone know it? Great thread, I was about to make one myself but you’ve beaten me to it!


@JonneHex nice happy thread you created! :purple_heart::chipmunk:


Whos that one by? Twenty squirrels


“The Cramps”-Miniskirt blues.
Awesome stuff
“The Pixies”
Way way ahead of their time…
Ill strike a nerve here somewhere


Let the Valhalla collection flow :tumbler_glass:


But Jokke why is banned? OMG this is a black week: cryptos are down, mkid and jokke banned… Some desaparecidos as @eFiJy (i know you are busy these days. See you 27th for Roma - Real). Hope next week smiles again :blush::blush::blush::blush:



Jokke was extremely naughty.
Some good things in the pipeline stefo.time to average and accumulate


Is that your band?
The cramps wind it up a little more than that!