ETN forum will rival bitcointalk in 1 year


Mark my words. This forum will rival the actual number one forum for crypto (that being bitcointalk) I say this because everything in the electroneum forum is like a 3.0 version of any other crypto forum. It is smoother, it has better gui better design and a better ranking system.

Just wait for it! :sunglasses:


I fully agree with you! This is a lovely and unique forum that has been well planned out! Nice and easy to use with lovely ranking, awards, voting and likes! Not your standard off the shelf forum like 99% of forums in the world haha This one has real staying power and be a brilliant place for information sharing!


I fully agree. I want to be part of a new and growing community. A special community. For a lifetime!! I think it would be cool to be a lifetime member of the Electroneum community. It’s something I can get behind. Something I can root for.


I agree with you @Doctor i really like this forum its so smooth and user friendly to use its amazing to have the whole ETN community in one place :blush:


They should create a mobile app for the forum. With a little ad banner they could get a lot of money to fund the etn project


To take this a step further, forum rewards in ETN for completing certain things, gaining likes, etc.


Definitely. With the millions of users coming in, very achievable!


Millions of people, we should find a way to lure them to the forum. Maybe a link to the official forum on the app?