ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


M-Kid’s job is done, we successfully fought the dump. Now we can enjoy the Fomo Moon walk. Buckle up and get ready :rocket::new_moon:
*Name courtesy of @JonneHex

Fight The ETN Dump Club Round 3!
Introduce yourself, don't be shy!
ETN GIDMO Moonwalk Club :grin:

We need to bust 210 sats!!! :slight_smile:


Excellent thread I hope everyone comes here I’ll invite people! :heart:


We can finish fight the dump first if people want. Just write here randomly to bump it up?


Invite all your friend I just have it makes a difference!!


Hey Im in.
Time for a cool change.
I wish all Early adopters and those that took notice of what Electroneums vision is and how they are flfilling that vision for all of its many users and investors alike
This is our time…
This is where it all unites into a massive move onwards and upwards


I’m in and out of invites!! Keep inviting people you know!!!


I love that; a happy Moonwalk! :blue_heart::orange_heart::sparkling_heart:
So true Pahini :chipmunk::chipmunk::chipmunk: squirrels walking on the moon


I think I got about 20-30 in!! Keep invites!!!


5798 users on forum soon we will reach 6K






Keep adding names as invites @Cosmicrypto

I have been and will do again !!


Thanks for the title @JonneHex, I just realised I didn’t ask to use it! All credit to you! :orange_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:
Let me know if you want to create the thread and I’ll delete this one :+1:


Isn’t it interesting M-Kid had everyone focused on “Dump” for the last many, many months with the title of that old group going on 3 Rounds…

Let’s see what happens now that everyone will stop focusing on Dump and start focusing on Moonwalking.

Words are powerful…what you focus on grows.



Brilliantly said @Jeff_Knight I’ve been thinking the same thing lately; are those words holding us back??


The more we look for a thing, the more we will see it. Just the way life works more often than not… If “Fight the ETN Dump” (title) is in big bold letters atop your screen, then you are subsconsciously looking for an ETN Dump to Fight and reminded of it continuously with each visit. Poor choice of title, imho.

Love what you’ve done here @Cosmicrypto. Onward and upward!



Thanks @Jeff_Knight title credit goes to @JonneHex but we are absolutely on the same page :blue_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart:



So true.
I have to hand it to MKid…
He brought this foums users together in one place.
The rest is now history.
I hope the series of events that followed brings us all closer together.
I can see theres been quite a lot of damage done.
That just tears me apart.
Thats not why I m distant.
Its a small part of it.
Im looking forward to this mighty project exceeding the worlds expectations of what Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technolgy is capable of achieving.


I dont think I’ll ever perfect a moonwalk, but I am definitely FOMOing for ETN!


Im not going to post the name of the crypto involved
Nor am I going to post the prices.
Its the methology behind it that is important.
The news that news is coming
The announcement ,the news itself.
This is all ahead of a major development next week.
Its virtually the same pattern accross all cryptos.
The message here is …dont lose the faith.
Im riding this project as low as it goes.
Same with Electroneum.
Because we know the future.
All crystal balls and tarot cards aside.
Electroneum is pioneering the future.
Seeing this sort of chart its easy to lose hope.
If you understand manipulation…This is an even better sign of massive things to come.
Its an accumulation stage.
Embrace the opportunity and forget the daily price swings.
The more it “gets down”
The more this lil squirel boogies!