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When i was a kid charity work bosses used to do the work for free … ie charity

Now they command 250k pay a year … thats wrong … very wrong yeah maybe 10k to cover expenses




I do enjoy your posts @CRYPTO-CAVEMAN they brighten my day. You are a very positive person. May life shower you with good karma. Good morning everyone.


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Im dancing for a price bounce


Keep it up Jonne, we’ll cheer you on :joy:


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For anybody worried about ETN mass adoption because crypto is “too complex”, check out the video I’m replying to. Take a look at just how complex “the internet” was when it first came out.

It’s long I know (I didn’t even watch the whole thing) but watch a little bit if you get a chance. It’s a good reminder of how even the most complex of things can go viral. Crypto is the evolution of money. It will take off just like the internet. And ETN will be in the forefront, thanks to the focus of its genius team. They know how to simplify a complex process and they know how to market to masses.

We couldn’t be in better hands :purple_heart::orange_heart::blue_heart:


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Hey @CRYPTO-CAVEMAN did you like what I wrote? It’s just above your comment. It’s about ETN :nerd_face::smiley:


I have 11 mars as the end of the crypto bear market and it is less then a month now. I think BTC will have some volatility this week and it is a great risk of it goin down. So we are entering the kapitulation area the next 30 days. After 11 mars we are entering the accumulation phase in crypto and it might last to september-oktober. What does that mean? it is the psykologi of the holders and the believers are being tested at its most, the FUD will reach new heights and most people are giving up and that is kapitulation.
There is less moonboys on youtube and those are left are beginning to think we can go more down.

I believe we in this chat should be happy and thrilled by joy because we can see this psykologi play out in the market and we know what is coming when the sun starts shining again. We have so much to be thrilled about and ETN might be the one that leads the way out of the crypto winter. I am so fascinated about how many that is hard core holders are having doubt, there is no time for us to have doubts only to be exhausted and that is natural after this long bear market.

So why do i write this? i want you all to be familiar with the kapitulation event that might come from to day or in the next 30 days and in my mind it is a great event only to be confirmed in late april. So enjoy and try to see the bigger picture because this is normal in a market and do not fear it…

If we look back ETN got its kapitulation around 7 september and entered the accumulation phase. ETN is entering the bull market in late feb or early mars 6-7 months after kapitulation and have being in a accumulation phase for half a year.

ETN is entering a bull market and not a bull race and that is a significant different. The bull race is high price rise but short lived. we are now entering a 2 year or more with average price rise and positivity. There will be no moon tomorrow but the journey is started and we are closing in on the point of no return.

The point of no return is the point where you no longer can sell with loss… lol. As normal i wright and think about to things at the same time so let me clarify. BTC entering kapitulation from to day and the next 30 days!.. ETN is entering a bull market late feb early mars. To clarify some more we are the lucky few…

This prediction is what it is a prediction. But i have tried to crush this market for a while now and been working with a analyze of the market since xmas, and this is as close i come a end report before it is to late for publishing it. To see the the trends is about to change is fore me a big achievement in TA because it is so much data that needs to be consider from the chart, macro, politics, other markets and regulations. So the nerdy excitement to see if i can get this right is BIG :slight_smile: 50% of TA is timing. Pattern are good for trading the swing. Elliot count is good on high volume trade. It is about being 2 steps ahead of the trading bots because they are so quick in reactions. Another big challenge is the lack of history in ETN. When in doubt look left in the chart, guess what! there is no left in the ETN chart of significant.

There is a few triggers i want to see in the time to come to get some more confidence in this ETN prediction and that is… i will love to see us closing a 8 hour candle above 208 satoshi on kucoin around the february the 18, because it is then a hit in my target box that will trigger the ETN events i am waiting for, and if that happens the high target is 240 by february 28… it might sounds like no moon trip but it is a hell of a launch…After the feb 28 o-gosh…

The next trigger will be when fiat overcome cryptos in trade of ETN… we are no longer talking peanuts movement in the chart…

If anyone of you think this can play out i will need some help with the next trigger as written above, when do fiat overcome crypto in ETN? when will the trade volume in 24 hour be higher with fiat than BTC and LTC in ETN that is the question…

I think that is such a important question because it will prove that ETN is working in the real market and not the spekulativ market…



Absolutely brilliant analysis @B.F.A :tada::tada::tada:

I’m personally looking at ETN as more of a company than a crypto, which is kind of aligned with your views. Loved reading that


It’s gold, it looks as if someone has paid you to write that :rofl:


Why thank you! :kissing_heart::purple_heart::orange_heart::blue_heart:
You have to be super intelligent to understand it :nerd_face:



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