ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Of course, the secret project is not to be confused with “something big”. :drooling_face:


Yeah that’s why I’ve been accumulating for the last month, can see a nice rise coming


sorry, TA really bores me haha, but in summary what does the TA society say that dictates a bullish trend?


Yes we have heard about that something big for some time now ;)lol


Its bigger than that…


Us ETNers are forward thinkers, just like these guys in the 90’s. This is hilarious :joy:
It feels like the 90’s was just yesterday!
We’ve arrived just in time, I’m pretty sure this is how crypto looks to the rest of the world… what’s “the internet”? :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:



Guys, the first thing that you need to know is that Electroneum is amazing and it’s changing every day. Once you learn to open a wallet yourselves, you’ll start seeing vendors accepting ETN everywhere!
Online vendors accept it, Cafe’s… Even the White House!

Okay, my parallel may be a little off…


@Nicolas hahaha :joy: so true!
“You can send an email”.
“What’s an email?”
“It’s like mail but it arrives instantly. And it’s free”

Hmmm sounds a little like ETN instant payment


This is why I am passionate about ETN. That hurts my soul too and there are millions of people living in poverty like that, forgotten, just barely surving…alive, but not living life…just making to the next day is their goal.

ETN has a chance to help change some of these people’s lives by providing a new alternative path out of extreme poverty. ETN can’t save them all, but ETN’s model and eco system can be the one thing that can become the gateway out of poverty for many who are able to take advantage of what ETN has to offer.

I think the non profits, charities and NGO’s will have to step in and get involved, but the opportunity for positive change is there.

It’s an exciting time to be involved with ETN and see what happens in the next few years and witness the impact ETN has in the global community and marketplace.


Right on @Dngruss I love the idea of being able to sponsor a child or family directly; no middle man or admin fees


Yeah, I think ETN has some things going with the NGO’s and non profits ect in some regions based on Chris Groman’s comments. We will have to wait and see what they have brewing. It probably also ties in with the Gig Economy site, because just giving is not the answer, while important, it is more important to teach and provide a sustainable way to earn and climb out of poverty with some help, and then continue to earn.

The women in the video are not lazy and most that find themselves in poverty are not lazy. They just need someone that cares to show them opportunity exists and how to take advantage of it.


That would be so great to see :purple_heart::chipmunk:
I’ve been thinking about what Ells said regarding this next announcement being the first step towards making crypto available to everybody in the world. I wonder if it has anything to do with what we’re talking about.
I’ve also been thinking about the possibility of a mobile partner with pre-installed ETN app on their phones. Nokia launch (as @PrestoCrypto has mentioned) could be a real possibility


Maybe this video and it’s sponsors is an example of where a small business micro loan could come into play.

Say someone locally in a nonprofit with the business know how could mentor the women and help get them set up as a street food vendor or small cafe. Teach them how to properly run a business, all the things involved, to do it properly and in compliance, purchasing of product, ect ect.

Accept ETN as a payment option, set them up with equipment ect., then they pay a portion back after say 6 months of operation. And the mentor continues to mentor until such time it’s no longer required.

Rinse, repeat.


Yes, make sure you give the Viking a generous amount of fairy dust




So the first night after the android update , no app required to run . So no app crashes reboots required…

This is amazing…


Weird sell down to 190sats. Miners I guess. Especially given we had the 10BTC wall at 196sats earlier and volume is up to $176k on Kucoin.

Some one is having fun doing 1k and 3k buying lots :slight_smile: lol


Oh and that was a great point about the fees and middle man when donating to charities. ETN will shine in that regard.


yeah all that lost donation money to greedy third parties will now go to the cause itself. :slight_smile: