ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Yes there are plenty of clever young programmers leading crypto projects but not many experienced business people running complex business models for global domination :slight_smile: That is critical!!!

Ok I am FOMOing in and will buy some more decent sized ETN. Damn I love FOMO!!! BUT not as much as i love ETN!!! :wink:


What is decent size? Haha


100 ETN :slight_smile: that is the real FOMO! Normally buy 50-60 ETN!


Nice. It’s hard when price is down but its such a good opportunity! Whoever is whining now is missing out!


So 1000 ETN would be super fomo?


Add a few zeros to my numbers :slight_smile: hehe yes for each 0 add a super before FOMO ;)lol


Im so confused. Lol 20 bouts of confusion.


Buying only 1 ETN is some form of FOMO. :slight_smile:


That by wall although impressive is the huge flex of muscles and I love it. But come on get off the couch and turn that buy up to about 205 SATs Chomp through that sucker


Kucoin is like a battleground. Lol


What is interesting (perhaps the time of day) is that not many moved in to help move the price up. Instead some players sold into the buy wall.


This hurt my soul.


MWC will bring many more bulls into the fight to overcome the bears. There will be a day when the battle field will be flowing with the blood of many many bears. If people want super cheap ETN, now is the time.


Yep. One day the proverbial “I wish I wouldve bought in at 198 Sats” will be heard.


Absolutely mind blowing :exploding_head:


Oh my such a relief to be cloud mining instead of having to waste my battery keeping connected to the net while i sleep. I am really impressed team ETN woot!!!


Yeah they sold to me, I’m surprised they didn’t move it up much


Pay attention to the technical analysis society thread. Everything is aligning in a super bullish direction for Electroneum from a fundamental and technical perspective. Announcement this Friday? :thinking: FOMO all week long!


All we’re missing is volume. Come on announcement Friday, release the bull!


Volume will come soon. Whether the secret project is announced on Friday or sometime next week, makes no difference. Exciting times.