ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Existence of Unicorns is an old Viking hoax (@JonneHex)
(Lasers however, was invented a few years later)


Sept. 19th 2018 marked a climb from 83 SAT’s to over 400 SAT’s. Anyone remember what sparked that?


1 month :slight_smile:


Instant payment system imo


I guess you must have missed something, hopefully V8 will help. Not sure if we have forked to it yet. But after the first 2 ‘public’ forks were a bit of a mess, I guess the subsequent 5 weren’t announced lets say. But with any luck metclaf should solve the curve and algo will correct. :slight_smile:


We need another shot in the arm like that! HitBTC, cloud mining, secret announcements at MWC, none of this is doing much for mooning. We need a shot of adrenaline.


I remember, it was ‘good news friday’ :slight_smile:


September 12th 2018


Something BIG is coming


HaHaHa, cant wait, although i am FOMO’d out. Right out the back door. Officially over my FOMO. if this baby ever hits .50 cents, no more clowning around for me, im checking out! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Getting sassy with me, boy? :joy:


For now it is little new money entering the market… it is like everything is on hold. But it will change when masses will hear about ETN. Remember it is only the few that search for info in crypto space that is actually buying ETN. Look at BTC for the time it is boots that is recycling coins and skalp every one that is buying. Algos are not weary positiv for the time so the market want react so much on news, it reacts on action. ETN is taking alot of action and that will soon be proven. When things go live and money starts come and go (volume) algos will change and price will follow.

Sistemcoin and Liquid is the exchanges i believe will first show sign of FOMO and a bit behind Kucoin will follow. i base that on fiat paring and wild guessing.

Turkey is a number one country to launch ETN with a mobile phone company because they already got 18% of the population have crypto, so adoption in Turkey can go quicker. So a launch in turkey can trigger BIG volume changes and a lot of new money entering in ETN cirkulation.

A launch in Hong Kong and South Korea with Joytel and a TV advert could make a dead man FOMO. Only to start crushing the numbers are… FOMO and the answers in a spreadsheet is so unreal that… Think about if only 1 Hong Kong investment company gets a hint of FOMO when they see price movement… only 1.

Amazon is starting up in Norway… we are 5M in population! when ETN got 10M users the earth needs to counter rotate to keep Amazon out of ETN.

We only need to teak the next step and start to create ETN cirkulation with using the coin not trading in a exchange. This next step is also called to take action in the market and show Amazon, ebuy and everybody els that wants our money that it is profit to be made by accepting ETN. I am sure this time will come and i am guessing it is only days away before it starts. Right now it is only the calm before the storm, even the air is electric…Happy Days


Once again, we’ll said @B.F.A :nerd_face::+1:
I just wish the little guys would jump on board before that, particularly in developing countries. It would be nice to see a transfer of wealth. Not the usual rich getting richer. If ETN is spread out evenly, by the time institutional money comes pouring in, the price would have already skyrocketed. That would be ultimate.
But I’m sure I’m dreaming. Once the big guns get word on what Electroneum is doing, there’ll be no stopping the value skyrocketing. Realistically, that could happen at any moment.


The spread of wealth to those that need it before the the big boys scoop it up would be so good and i hope many poor people are in and can get the benefit.


I just want to say congrats to the Electroneum team for a terrific start to 2019!!! And we know there is lots more to come!!! :slight_smile:


Holy Cow! There is a 10 BTC buy wall on Kucoin at 196 sats. Somebody said “Hell No!” to the dumping! Lol…


Oh wow yeah popped up after I logged out :slight_smile: nice! It makes you feel like FOMOing in :wink:


ETN team is extremely clever. They understand the value of HUGE user numbers. Why waste $$ on any form of marketing unless its to the masses, and only after they’ve finished their MVP (minimum viable proposition) and go live with partners? When we hit those 10m users, 20m, 50m, every company we can think of will see ETN on the radar and try to join in on the action. ETN will have so much leverage and power to choose the people they want to work with. Great post @B.F.A!


When I take a step back and look at what the Team has already accomplished, and what is on the radar, I can’t help but see that the Team is on Seek and Destroy mission. They are out to destroy obstacles and barriers, that have prevented others from achieving mass adoption. They aren’t trying to play the game the way all the others are, they aim to overcome and win! I started to realize that back when they reversed the fork to allow ASiC miners again. I knew they weren’t out to try and appease anybody’s personal whims. They are out to win!


Exactly! 99% of these crypto projects shoot and hope it works out whereas ETN aim and fires at their target. I almost feel like Richard was sent from a different dimension to push the crypto revolution.