ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Someone say Australia?




Yeah mate. We luv the down unda!


How is everyone finding the new

Im over the moon , no more app issues just let it do it all itself .

Etn team delivers yet again…

But whats the secret reveal before mwc


We can’t miss this buzz right? :grin:


Sure, I can post 24 hr numbers tomorrow and compare to yours. :+1:

I am also under the impression that cloud mining is supposed to be even across the board. Spec class like Formula E, no more LMP, GT, and Reliant Robin classes. :rofl:


Yay thats great for me 30hs on an s8 …


How long till we reach 200k mobile miners ?


Weve gone up 5 k since android cloud release .
It could keep going or stay 100k
Depends on future news , mwc etc…


just checked my crystal ball: 1 week :sunglasses:


Looking forward to the result, I’ll probably be dropping down from Formula E to the universal Reliant Robin class.


I’m FOMO’d right up again. Just had to stuff another cheeky 40k in my satchel. I keep making little buys like this, thinking it’s my last chance to make the most of the low prices, you’d be crazy not to. 4 months later and I’ve now quadrupled my target hold.


That’s great. I’m ICO x10, but then again I’m a crazy gambler :crazy_face:


We must prioritise exchanges with fiat/etn pairs, because fiat to etn and back native in etn app won’t be possible, at least for a very long time. As etn is unregulated, they would need a banking license to perform these options. In a few years time I can imagine a way to side step these things or even a time when laws change. But until then we need exchanges to handle it, and in turn grow the volume. So I wouldn’t wish to run before we master walking. :slight_smile:


So are you plankton? Or whale? :stuck_out_tongue:. So you either have 400k or 4M…:slight_smile:


What would you do if you woke up and checked your wallet and it had a billion ETN?


immediately print to paper wallet and bury it.


In a desert i hope. :wink:


I’m a mythical Narwhal :joy:


Haha definitely plankton :laughing::laughing: