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Did you go to their website and authorized your phone, through your email


How did you get my verification photo!? :grin::v:


Nah, I’d definitely contact support. It doesn’t sound like an issue on your end… Though there is always a strange possibility.


Weird, mine just worked instantly, no issues.

Hope it gets sorted for you without too much more hassle.


That could be it @PrestoCrypto


I’m sure it has to do with volume I didn’t update right away like probably most of you.


I am really glad we haven’t signed a billion dollar deal with Samsung and Amazon, because we would be at 85 sats again.


I just hope the verification selfies don’t get too crazy. I get shaky hands, so my selfies get blurry with just one hand. Mine went through though, which is promising for their image recognition tech.


Yes I’m all authorized and registered it pulls wallet up but on cloud mining page it gives me a code and asks me to contact support.


I think this might be why they released it so far ahead of MWC. They said they wanted a full support team available.

@Rachel Maybe you can provide some insight?


I have messaged support explaining so I’m sure it will get worked out.


Awesome. Keep us posted!


Yep you could be numbered down the list but @J5Alive was ok just did it, raise a ticket and wait my friend. :blush:


Yeah mine worked fine and whatever issue you’ve got @PrestoCrypto I’m sure they’ll be able to help you get it sorted no problem.


72 unread posts in FOMO Moonwalk in the last couple hours…

That’s what happens when I actually do work for a change instead of just hanging around here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Updating… Loading…


Aye aye Captain ETN!

Yup, everything looks good, picked up where I left off.


So i updated the app and it works fine for me. Also picked up where it left. So everything goes smooth. And they have enough time to work out the bugs before MWC. So i am excited. I am on the edge of my seat and ready to fall off. Can’t wait anymore. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Why is the time going so slow.:tired_face::rofl::chipmunk:


I am so surprised today, didnt expect this at all…guess what, my mom loves cloud mining, so do I :smiley: :slight_smile: She was smiling when doing selfi with gesture :wink:


Now they have the products ready.
We need to solve the blockchain and add more exchanges.


About the exchanges… i am not sure if exchanges is what we need or must prioritize. I will like more easy swap between fiat-ETN-fiat and bank connections to gain interest from companies. I want us to move away from being only a speculative asset and rather be a tool for payments