ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Based on the low volume, I wouldn’t bet on the price pumping too much. Maybe in a few days…


Looks like Android cloud could be the surprise before MWC


Not secret , Richard said it would be before MWC


I think it picks up your email and knows your ETN count number :blush:


yea I don’t think that was one of the secrets. I think he is just saying that Android cloud mining was two weeks early. They had originally said it would be right before MWC or at MWC before Android cloud mining was released.


I thought that but they announced that it would come before WMC2019 so not a suprise just a good bit of news and FOMO!! I think there is more to come just my opinion!


They ask for selfie now to finish logging in lmao


@Zaytsef Wait until you have to draw a shape and take a selfie with it or touch your nose! Time it so your in your house! Lol :joy:


Yeh, that’s to defeat bots. also why there is a unique pose required.


I had to touch my chin in mine lmao


@Satsukeshi They made me do terrible things! Haha :rofl:


I did take one with two fingers under my eye doing scout Saluting type selfie lmao, they asked me for it, hope they dont ask pose naked next jk lol


Am I the only one it isn’t working for :thinking:


What’s the issue? Did you make sure to update it?


Did you update your app? or delete the old app and download the new one? Try restarting your phone maybe.


They slowly step it up! Lmao :laughing:


It is giving me a referral code and asks me to contact support. I have been trouble shooting for awhile I’m not sure its on my end? I’ve updated, deleted and reinstalled, cleared cache, restarted phone. Maybe I’m missing something


Coming soon for payout verification!



It could just be a case of volume. Everyone trying to do the same thing at the same time