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Richard Ells of the past


Just picked up 56 more ETN with my free 18 tubes :slight_smile: ETNFOMO!

Got another 10.5 tubes today (hope the price goes up so can get more ETN per tube)


That’s a pretty fantastic return for just running vids in the background. Well done!


Yeah the 10-12 tube rate the last three days I could make a purchase about every 1.5 days. The tube payouts are every 7 days but they are moving to 3 days soon. I am not even watching all day so could max out even more. So next week will be buying even more ETN per Tube!!! Shame the tubes not at 10-12cents still. Now only 2.3cents.

Also thanks to whoever picked up the tube chrome browser with my referral. We both got 5 tubes!!!


Check this out. So fun

If I were there I would gotten them all


I was not here for some days and you guys created a whole new group… we will make this one legendary too…



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Nice, but doesnt seem they mind mining the app


Yeah I think we will get a clearer picture of that in March.


Lol. Free crypto. Yep, right here. Give it all to me sir. Lol


Um… rightio man.
You took the time to reply.
I don’t see anything wrong with it.
Jonne, your comment is more welcome.


Hey storm, what will the number be in 6 months?


Just think if this forum was around in 2017.

(28th August)



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I think cold storage maybe.
And also a partner promotion.


Incase you havent yet voted


Current crypto market sentiment.



Because of Chinese New year! :slight_smile:

Last chance to get some cheap etn tomorrow.


I left that :poop: show along time ago. Its truly a toxic place to be.


Never bothered with it after what I’ve been hearing on here, only downloaded Telegram to keep up with the Thors Hammer mining group.

Very good helpful people there. @Crypto_Kangaroo @Cryptoman976 @Aironeous @99CENTS, @Brett-M @NorthEastTexasTech more that I’m missing. Worth checking out for anyone who is still GPU mining.


Dr, Janitor, miner…How many professions do you practice? Haha


Hahaha… It’s true, I “wear many hats” in life, keeps things interesting. I actually had to play janitor at a formal charity event this weekend, while I was supposed to be monitoring security, while covering relief for other roles.

Thanks for the laugh @BigBrother305 on this Monday morning (here). :+1: (Outta :heart:)

The term I recently heard from a podcast is “polymath.” Not saying I am one, but it challenges the old notion of “Jack of all trades, master of none.”