ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Not so classical.
It always happens
With new listings.


Yea, until the next bull run, and they jump back on the wagon. Late.

Thanks for posting that Magic. :+1:


Well it’s Fridays and it would be Magic to get some news!


Thanks for the share @The-Magic-Man



what do you reckon the next news will be? I don’t think there’ll be anything today as we had Huobi earlier in the week.

I reckon the next thing will be the gig site in the next 2 weeks or so, it’s been too long coming and needs to be delivered.

Once that is bedded in, I reckon the partnerships will start to come thick and fast: Joytel, One Development, something in the Philippines (maybe with remittance)


Has the team been in SA for 3 weeks now or 2? we might hear something today :slight_smile:


@gjfrom I could have flown those phones out in my pockets Buy Now :rofl::woozy_face: I am hoping next news is the next city to be rolled out… :sunglasses::v:


I think it would just be cool to see some pictures from on the ground in SA from the team


I’m hoping mobile wallet cold storage. As excited as I am about the gig site, I think that wallet feature should come first. Would benefit the whole ETN ecosystem.

Still think it’s too early in the SA trial to expect expansion into a new maket. I could be wrong though.


Absolutely, I want to see more like the pic from TG that @JonneHex posted. Someone who looks genuinely happy to receive ETN and be participating in the ecosystem.


I agree the cold wallet would be good, just not sure how the market would take that in terms of development?? I’m hoping its implemented like a traditional bank account where you could have a savings account next to your current account when viewing via the app. Keep your spending money in the online wallet and your savings in the cold wallet.

I too don’t think there’ll be an expansion in the SA trial yet - I reckon the gig site will be left to bed in for 6-8 weeks before any further announcements are made that could skew results


@M44FFW They said 90% of all coins would be in cold storage meaning a hack you’ll only deplete you account by 10% maximum. Ref…AAT Video.


I think Gig.Guru, cold storage wallet and instant payment full release can all be independent of SA trial without affecting it. Honestly cold storage and instant payment full release would probably do pretty well in terms of price. You know how the crypto community loves new tech haha


Yes they will at least make phones available first I’m guessing it’s the SA approval rating for electronics that is holding it up I believe… Buy Now they should have made some good headway.


oh, I didn’t realise they determined your exposure - I wonder how you’d override that when you’re at the lambo dealership about to buy your car?? They’re going to have to have a slider to adjust the % or a temporary override to it


I just picture a scenario where someone in a developing market earns a bunch of ETN through the gig site. Then somehow, their funds get stolen. That would be a PR nightmare for the ETN brand. Could still happen afterwards, but ETN could honestly say they put all the security in place that they could. Then, “well I still have 90% of my ETN, unlike other wallets, Thanks ETN.” :grinning:

Pretty sure RE said 6 weeks until gig at MWC.


I would put the amount on a paper wallet the night before and swap it and knock it up into 6th before they realised there was 10 ETN on it and I was in the channel tunnel… :rofl:

It’s a good point though hopefully you have enough for 10 lambos when you buy one! :v:


Would they accept ETN? Could you not convert to FIAT? I mean they are alright cars :red_car:


I don’t know about cars, but there is a motorcycle :motorcycle: dealership near(ish to) me that accepts crypto. :grin:


Of course they’d take ETN once we have mass adoption :slight_smile: