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Okay - thanks for the heads up on the app. Wondered why there was no ETN on the Huboi aussie website. :chipmunk::chipmunk::grinning:


Our popularity Ios top financial app rank in total 125 countries we are in 26 still in top positions…
Mr CryptoCZ:
table is here:
37 Romania
51 Macedonia
54 Czech Republic
78 Philippines
87 Latvia
96 Kuwait
99 Turkey
102 Nigeria
108 Croatia
109 Moldova
110 Azerbaijan
117 Netherlands
118 Slovakia
121 Pakistan
126 Slovenia
130 Ireland
142 Barbados
149 Peru
150 Egypt
156 South Africa
163 Ghana
177 Kazakstan
180 Portugal
187 Costa Rica
194 Sri Lanka
198 Greece

Daily updated data is here— you can too share or add to bookmarks…


Morning guyz, nice veranda view


You are probably thinking now after this cuppa will I have a snow fight or make a show angel… ;)lol


my view is my laptop in my study today.

Just remember @JonneHex, never eat yellow snow - or John Snow for that matter!!


@M44FFW And watch out where the huskies go! - Frank Zappa


That was indeed uploaded by the official Amazon Web Services youtube channel, that’s amazing. Just saw the video and this is wonderful thing to see!

Also to add they have a subscriber base of 248k people who now get to hear about ETN for possibly
the very first time, some great exposure.



excited to see what giga uguru can do? :slight_smile:


It was great for exposure :slight_smile:

I’d have liked a longer and more engaging chat between them on the why as well as the what - 6 minutes wasn’t enough to get to any detail but maybe that’s my inner-geek


Indeed it was, very pleased to see it and I’ve got to say I didn’t see it coming. Perhaps they will once they have time to gauge the views/likes/comments on this video too. I’m sure they’ll share that video on their social media pretty soon for everyone to check out then we’ll see how much more action it gets.


Just featuring sorry… :slight_smile:

But it woke you up. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been a while since we’ve seen crypto_Noob — their last post was in Sep '18.


Top loss for new coin ATM :frowning:


i’ve been just lurking. i thought that u have to log in to your account everytime you reply/post something on the forum. :slight_smile:

the huobi listing was really good for etn. wont be surprised if etn will open their own exchange though. haha.


@crypto_Noob All the signs point to it in my opinion!


Just FYI fellas.


We can plan an attack. :slight_smile:


I’m ok with it, had a buy planned for today anyway. :wink:

Although, not on Huboi since I’m not allowed yet.


Decoupling to all!


classical Pump and Dump


I’m in need of a saviour , and i’m not asking for favours.
All i need is a bull run that can change my life.
Crypto is my only hope.
Bitcoin ,come and save me.!!All i need is you.