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Nice what was your wait time?


I live in Norway, submitted a picture of my passport 8 hours ago when China was sleeping I guess
I used the huobi iPhone app to register


Test-deposit of a few ETN from my CLI wallet to huobi took like 2,5+ hours because they demand 50 confirmations on the blockchain



I did the same with the app. It didn’t accept my photos through the website.


Took me the same from sign up to ETN available


yeah, they have like a 5 Mb limit on picture-size, probably need to adjust size with compressed .jpg or something to make them small enough


The app was simple and fast.


I agree, it was very fast, and there was no need to take a selfie with ID and/or paper with handwritten date and text. Just the info (used my mobile number to register) pluss passport number and a picture of my passport. Done in like 3 minutes. I added name, email and 2FA later from my computer


Took 2.5 hours, 2 hours in I checked it, and it had been denied. Reason was that I never told them my middle name (doh) Resubmitted, and within half an hour was verified. Easy peasy, excluding user error lol


I tried to register on Huboi but it shunted me to (Australian site) and they don’t list ETN yet so I will stick with good old Coinspot for now. :chipmunk::chipmunk:


This is the best thing I have seen today. AWS THIS IS GREAT!!!


Yeah getting these little promos like AWS is a really positive sign.


is this aws video some sort of partnership bet etn and amazon? or just a random aws youtuber featuring etn?


one thing that i got from the video is that the CTO specifically mentioned the philippines. i think richard on his way there to sign some deals with smart/globe/pldt or one of the smaller mno/mvno. paying for top ups and money transfer will be huge for etn there.


Yes he definitely said emerging worlds and the philippines!! Well caught! @crypto_Noob


Our popularity by web traffic check this


Download the huobi global app, best exchange app I’ve used by far. I’m in Australia have had no issues, etn deposit takes a while to get there because of amount of confirmations, don’t forget to add the payment id ts the second address after wallet address when depositing to huobi


hopefully that wil be the next target market. $3 a month is about 150php. its not a lot but it might be a weeks worth of messaging/voicecalls/internet (havent been back there in a while).


@crypto_Noob That’s still good a quarter of your bill paid off! I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it!