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Ya but if they have bumped it up to the appx 3 USD per month, while keeping mine lower, than the airdrop lasts longer, and they will not have to throttle down SA significantly. If they are getting 100 ETN per week, then they are still a few cents shy of the 3 dollar per month goal.




I wish I could love this 100x


What’s the context here? I feel like I’m missing something


They were requiring level 3 KYC for a lot of people in Uganda or they were getting blocked from the mobile miner. It’s a contradiction, banking the unbanked but you require a bank statement which costs a couple of dollars to get and they aren’t banked.
Now that is all solved.
Watch the hour long video of the guy from Uganda explaining on youtube.

Edit: I should of clarified that with “according to this guy on Twitter” because it still has to be verified by checking with other Ugandans. It could have been only his account that was fixed.


Oh nice, that’s great to hear!


Electroneum update( new)


I don’t like to speculate on the crypto space at all but does anyone else think this could be the start of some massive news? We’ve been on quite conservative exchanges for a while now and I think for good reason. Is this exchange tactical? Big exchange to handle big news to come maybe??


I have a feeling ETN is going to hit us with something massive soon


I would have to say it’s the remmitance thing and that’s why they just did the video with AWS.


It would make sense, we could of gone on big exchanges ages ago, why now??


Because it came along on the right exchange when needed. :slight_smile:


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(IMO) something massive is building up soon / Zoon / Zon :joy:


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discarded myself when we went live on huobi



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