ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Yea that’s what I told him. :wink:



Beer :beer: pressure drives me!! :sunglasses::+1:


Volume nicely growing :))


Looks like it provides liquidity and access for institutional investors :+1:



:bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow: :bow_and_arrow:



Oh I see it’s the huobi volume, ‘filter’ oops . :slight_smile:


I can see three options and not a decision here so we have time to think about what we do!


I think it’s exciting to have options which can meet a wide variety of user’s comfort levels.


As long as they don’t “bork” those trades :wink:


So they should now drop it! This is FOMO thread!

Moonwalk it off! Lol :joy:


Really glad to see that they throttled up SA. Makes perfect sense. I have mobile mined non stop since the cloud miner came out, and am in Canada. At 92 ETN. I care little for a couple bucks a month, send the airdrop to where it counts. Good stuff.



This is awesome, and will go very well with the Gig.Guru site. I was hoping someone would come up with such a solution. It would also go great with the upcoming Subscriptions feature Electroneum is working on!



indeed - not heard of kybax but this is very good for ETN and the proposition :slight_smile:


Well that was a fun ride! Let’s do it again soon! :grinning::grin::joy::rofl::smiley::smile::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Oh, are we dead again? :smile:.
Im at cabin, so crypto off


My idea for today was why to not inform all taxi or tuk tuk drivers to accept ETN as payment option. You can then prevent robbery. Talk about this next time when you take taxi with the driver. … We can help a lot of with mass adoption of our lovely ETN.

From my friend with tuk tuk

With taxi


Until they have to throttle it back down. Wait and see what happens then and get ready for for the complaints about the miner slowing down. Better to give them a sign on bonus enough for a top up card and then mine at a more feasible rate.

They could make a big deal out of it like having signs in the stores saying get a top up card free when you download the app.