ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club


Would you look at that :sunglasses:


What filter are you using there? :slight_smile:


I might show support by opening an account and buying some from there but that’s it, won’t keep it on there unless I know why, sorry.


ETN it it 27 coin on Huobi by volume


Guys let me remind you that tomorrow is Friday :wink:


Y’know what, even that is a good way to support. I have a chunk that i am transferring but only do what you are comfortable doing :+1:


Obviously I may succumb to the pressure of buying some more too… oh man, the peer pressure :laughing: :wink:


Well that way they actually get a trade out of it which is the whole point of exchanges, not cold storage for some mysterious reason, not saying there is anything dodgy, of course not, it’s just that if I do something I like to know what I’m doing it for.


I have an iphone and I just went to ‘Edit photo’ haha


You are 100% correct, the trade is just as (if not more) important than storage - everything helps!


The cold storage aspect is great (Liquid has one as well). Don’t forget though that Electroneum is also developing a cold storage solution sometime as well. :slight_smile:

Just hope the keys aren’t held by a single CEO who goes missing if you keep them on an exchange. :stuck_out_tongue: That said, by the looks of it, if you were to choose an exchange to hold coins, this may be a solid option.


Since we are now on Huobi then does that mean we will be getting on ?
Because if so they are a partner with (scroll down to the bottom) so that should put us on changelly. If we are on changelly then now we can get on the buttonwallet addon to telegram which would mean you would be able to send ETN on telegram.


I’m still researching


I just created an account on Huobi US. ETN is not available to us yet of course, but just for fun I messaged their support team about it. Seeing if they’re willing to share a lead time for US residents, while also checking their response time.

Edit: Pretty quick response time, but:

No other info, rats. Since I can’t deposit, I just wanted them to know I signed up for ETN.


From my understanding, on a basic level, Market Makers even out Buy/Sell walls. If there’s a high sell wall, and a low buy wall, they increase their buying pressure, and vice versa.


Cloud za 100 a week now. :slight_smile:



Lower spec phones mine faster now.

Mobile miner payouts

I see you are from Johannesburg…that must be the case :slight_smile:


That is mine as well there site explains it pretty well. :+1: very interesting.


Yea so they are liquidity creators! :open_mouth:


  • We support over 1000 types of digital coins!

Only a matter of time. :slight_smile: