ETN Fomo Moonwalk Club



Are you going to deposit just a little now it is explained we might get FIAT pairings!?


CMC finally posted Huobi’s volume…:eyes:


@King_of_Sparkles Half the market in a day! That’s brilliant what more can we ask but to support them with our coins!!


Can someone break it down for me how this 5.7 million giveaway works?



HOLY MONKEYS!!! :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil: that is an amazing set of stats there!!!


They haven’t said but I think the person that trades the most ETN will get the prize. Don’t know if it’s In increments for 1st 2nd 3rd etc… but sounds about right.


So what happens if I deposit a load of ETN on there and someone buys it?


@Pete I’m not sure they might just want metrics of users and data of how much ETN we can trade to know if a FIAT pairing is deserved… just my opinion


If it’s in your wallet or 100% cold storage do you care!? It’s 100% safe isn’t it!

Your just showing user support from community like Richard asked.


I suppose so, I just think of putting cons on exchanges to sell them, rather than just keep them there.


Highest traders by volume share the 5.7m etn.

I think. :slight_smile:


They are 100% cold storage and you can always take them off again if you feel unhappy… :blush::+1:


Yeah, that was my understanding too.


The deposit is to show support for etn.


Exactly it’s a numbers game and I bet to see the amount HODLed

Or at least a sample view across the community


Yeah, I get the strong impression that there is a good reason for Richard asking us to setup an account and deposit. Very exciting times :grin:


@Shore_Fire_Bet So let’s do it everyone!!!


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